My mission is to create meaningful products and services that make life fun, inspire amazing moments and help those in need

Co-Founder, Tom Lawrence

Tom Lawrence has proven himself to be an experienced and successful entrepreneur. Making a name for himself in the rag-trade with the launch of Swanky socks – a retail sock brand, manufacturing and corporate merchandise company, Swanky socks has now partnered with over 250 retail stores, online market places and corporate companies.

Having had success with merino wool socks in recent years, Tom has a keen eye for quality and popular products.

Tom was born and raised in small town New Zealand, before travelling oversea’s for several years before moving to Sydney, Australia where he now resides.

The idea of possum fur as a clothing item was first introduced to me through good friend and Co-Founder, Seb Casey. It sparked something truly special. We grow up in New Zealand learning to respect our unique and beautiful environment. Through the cultivating of possum’s and utilising their amazingly unique coats I feel we’re respecting not only our land, but also giving respect to the animal that helped create Arid garments. The benefits of possum for are extraordinary and I was immediately hooked at the possibilities of blending two uniquely natural fibres in that of merino and possum fur and creating beautifully crafted, quality and affordable apparel.

“Tom and I embarked upon a venture to bring quality merino and possum products to the urban and outdoor market.”

Founder, Seb Casey

Tom and I embarked upon a venture to bring quality merino and possum products to the urban and outdoor market. We grew up together in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand and have leveraged our friendship layered upon our combined skill sets to bring quality apparel to you.

After completing studies in business and law, I moved to Australia where I have resided for the past 13 years. It struck me that quality possum and merino apparel are hard to find in Australia, and thus Arid Apparel was born. Born on an opportunity, our pursuit of quality and value marches on with unbridled success.

Primarily, I strive to steer Arid towards creating value for not only you as our beloved customers but also the environment, our communities and the people who craft our beautiful products.